Hacking Destkop dengan Keylogger Pro V.5 mei 2012

SpyBoss KeyLogger Pro 4.2.3 Full Mediafire | 4.19 Mb

SpyBoss KeyLogger Pro 4.2.3 pal certainly all familiar with the words keylogger which is one of the most prominent hackers weapon and of course 100% works well to record all keyboard activity on the victim's computer. With all the activity keylogger keyboard work will be recorded automatically with no known casualties so hackers can take over all the data about our own personal accounts such as facebook, email, banking and other accounts.

4-Bang Full Premium Software
SpyBoss KeyLogger Pro 4.2.3 Features:
  • Secretly Monitor with this feature is certainly shared by every software keylogger, which monitors all activities or activities performed by the keyboard to steal the victim's information secretly.
  • Password Protection
  • this feature allows you to give the password on this keylogger software so that no one else can access or launch this software.
  • Stealth Mode
  • here's the best feature of this software. With this feature, you can hide this software for no one knows if you're using this leading software.
  • Encrypted Data Files
  • all data that has been stored will be encrypted with a secure, so if someone finds your log files, they still will not be able to read it. The log file can only be read using this software.
  • Email Log Files
  • with this you can send the log files from anywhere on the computer that has installed this keylogger to your email address.
  • Record Usernames And Passwords
  • with this feature you can steal usernames and passwords of the victim when they open a site like facebook, email, twitter and other sites that use the login / sign-ins.

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