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Desperados Cooper's Revenge part 2 is very popularStrategy game in whole world. America in 1883 –a sheriff is perplexed after he continues to find the bodies of dead settlers. The rumor is that the braves from the White Wolves Tribe are responsible; but the trail continues to go cold. John Coopper and his friends set out to look for the White Wolves Tribe…nothing is as it seems –the Indians are innocent. In order to prove the innocence of the Indians and hunt down the real murders, Cooper and his team must follow the trail of an Indian legend. The team uncovers the secret of a sacred mountain and helps to fulfill and ancient prophecy…causing Cooper to realize that the secret to the deaths of the settlers is linked with his own past.
Lets know the game Character below

John Cooper

Bounty hunter and leader of the gang, wielding a rapid firing Remington Army 1875 and throwing knives. He can carry unconscious or dead bodies. In this sequel he can't climb walls or mountains like he could in the first game. He carries a pocket watch that plays a tune after a short period, used to distract or lure guards. His look exactly the same from the first game.

Doc McCoy

A physician and scientist. He wields a powerful Cold Buntline Special which he employs crafted high-precision bullets essentially turning a revolver into a sniper rifle. He also carries vials of knock-out gas that can be thrown or carried by balloons. He is able to revive unconscious characters and heal wounded allies. He doesn't have his Scarecrow Substitute ability anymore, but can tie knocked out characters with a rope this time around. Together with Kate, he has the weakest strike power between the game's protagonists, needing two strikes to knock enemies out, and is an accomplished lockpick and safecracker. His outfit is exactly the same of the one from the first game.

Kate O'Hara

Kate O'Hara is a professional gambler. Beautiful and seductively charming she has a knack for luring guards ready to ambush or knock-out with a kick. She does not have her poker cards to attract the enemies attention in this game. The mirror from the first game was replaced by a make-up powder, which Kate blows at her opponent's eyes. The make-up doesn't have the great range the mirror had, but its blind effect lasts longer and it doesn't need a sunny spot to work. Kate can also simulate she is fainting, attracting the attention of enemies such as soldiers. She can also tie knocked out opponents with a rope, and is the second most silent character in the game.

Samuel Williams
Cooper's African-American friend. He also has a long range Winchester rifle. His outfit is the one that changed the most from the first game: now he wears a hat and an orange shirt. His voice is the one that changed the most too (due to voice actors changes), but his quotes are very similar to the ones from the first game: "Kid's play!" and "That was easy!" are some examples. He can still tie opponents with a rope.


He is equipped with a Bow & Arrow, a Tomahawk, an Indian War Cry ability that distracts enemies, and Witchcraft Healing powers. He can also bring his hand down on an enemy's head like a Karate chop, permanently knocking them out. He is first seen in an army camp. Cooper wants to interrogate him, but Hawkeye is being captive by the soldiers. As Cooper, Kate and Doc try to free him, they discover that the indians are planning an ambush to a caravan Sam and Sanchez are protecting. As the soldiers leave to their headquarters (with Hawkeye with them) the team splits up: John and Doc go warn Sam and Sanchez, while Kate follows the soldiers and tries to free Hawkeye. She succeeds reaching his cell, however, he is so weak he cannot even stand up.

Pablo Sanchez

Pablo Sanchez is an Mexican bandit leader. He has tequila which can be used to attract and inebriate enemies. He carries a sawn-off shotgun that can hit multiple enemies at once and is able to carry Gatling guns. He can still carry bodies or knocked out people, both enemy and friendly units, however this time he can only carry one person. He still uses stones to knock out enemies. Together with Hawkeye, he has the strongest strike from the game, permanently knocking enemies out without killing them.

Told through a series of awkward and grainy still shots, the main thrust of the plot is that Cooper's brother has been killed (we think) and he's out to find out what happened and get a little revenge.

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